Adams Falls: The Perfect Hiking Trail for Kids

August 11, 2018

We recently spent a few days in the gorgeous town of Grand Lake, Colorado. It's approximately two hours west of Denver and a must visit for anyone who loves small lake towns. When we first arrived, my husband said "This feels like it's straight out of a movie." And I could not agree more. We're trying to be more active on our getaways with the kids and, since we're now Colorado residents, we've recently bought hiking boots for the whole family.


Hiking with kids is tricky (as any parent will attest to). Kids get hot, thirsty, and whiny so it's important to plan accordingly. We're trying to pick trails that aren't too difficult so that we can slowly build up their stamina and show our two little ones why we love the great outdoors so much. 


Adams Falls is THE PERFECT trail for little kids. The trailhead is approximately one mile outside of downtown Grand Lake. Parking is a breeze and there is no cost involved in parking at the trailhead. The Falls are only 1/3 of a mile up the trail so the payoff for the kids, and you, is pretty immediate. You can turn around there or head up another 1/4 mile to a gorgeous meadow with picturesque mountain views. The trail continues at a relatively flat grade for about 3 miles, at least according to the serious backpackers I overheard talking. That way you can hike as long as you and the kiddos are enjoying it, and then turn around and head back to Grand Lake for some ice cream and a dip in the cold water. Enjoy!








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