McKay Lake Park & Open Lands

August 25, 2018

A new park has opened up this past weekend in Broomfield, Colorado after years of planning stemming back to 2013 when a master plan was unveiled for the entire McKay/Lambertson Open Lands area. The vision developed over time to include "trails, native landscaping, adventure play areas, a nature fitness course, bike park trails and features, an environmental education/picnic pavilion, adaptive sports features, shade structures, a habitat enhancement buffer adjacent to McKay Lake and site furnishings." 


We visited the park on the second day that it opened and my kids were beyond impressed. They climbed on every structure and particularly enjoyed running in and out of all of the tunnels that were built with rocks, dirt, and grass over them. It kind of reminded me of The Hobbit. 


I was impressed with the amount of thought and care that went into this creation. Sometimes I feel like every new park or playground has the same climbing structures on them. Variety is the spice of life and this park is a perfect example of that. I can only imagine how beautiful the park will be when all of the grass grows in to fully engulf the tunnels as well as protect the areas surrounding the park, which at this time are pretty muddy. 




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