Copa Airlines Business Class

September 9, 2018


 Recently I flew with my family to Colombia for a vacation. We flew from San Francisco, CA to Panama City, Panama on an overnight flight and then took a smaller plan on a second quick flight to Bogota, Colombia. We decided to fly Copa Airlines because they had a nonstop option to Panama City and we were hopeful that we’d be able to sleep on the flight. We also chose to upgrade to business class for a little more space and legroom. The price difference was not astronomical so we just booked it. 


Copa Airlines’ Business Class does not have the seats that fully recline but they do lean back pretty far and have a leg extender to stretch out. We were handed a small toiletry bag with an eye mask, socks (thankfully because I was wearing ballet flats), chap stick, a toothbrush, and toothpaste. That toothpaste was especially helpful after an overnight flight. I fell asleep pretty quickly so I’m not sure if they have any service options at the beginning of the flight. I wouldn’t say it was the best sleep I have ever had on a flight as I tossed and turned for about six hours but the time definitely went a lot faster than if I was awake. 


A little before landing we were served a delicious breakfast of fruit, rolls, and an omelette. It was tasty, for airplane food, and the portion was so large that I couldn’t finish it all (which is never really my problem).  Some of our plane neighbors ordered mimosas with their breakfast but I was so tired that I just wanted coffee... that is... until my husband suggested that I order a Bloody Mary. Delicious and nutritious? Sign me up! 


We then had a short layover before our flight to Bogota. Sitting in the Panama City airport was an eye opening experience. It is a major international hub that has direct flights to every country (I think) in Latin America. I started making a mental list of all of the countries I want to go to next while sitting and watching complete strangers depart to their next destination. Hopefully I can make either Peru or Argentina happen in 2019.  It was also my first opportunity to practice my Spanish in several months. I tried to order a latte from the airport Dunkin' Donuts and somehow I completely butchered my order and ended up with the single largest coffee I have ever seen in my life. A small reminder that I should probably practice more before I head south of the border again in a few months.  I also used the layover time to utilize my complimentary toothbrush and toothpaste. I haven’t had an overnight flight in a year and I somehow forgot how much you desperately want to brush your teeth and wash your face when you land. Note to self- next time pack face wipes in my carryon bag. 


Our flight from Panama to Colombia was only 95 minutes so we settled in to our cushy business class seats and read a book. I learned that you do not get a toiletry bag on shorter flights, which was fine. Our seat neighbors were definitely taking advantage of the complimentary alcohol beverages on the flight but I just enjoyed my oversized coffee. We were given an additional small meal on this flight that I had a hard time eating, not because it wasn’t good, but because we had just had a huge breakfast on our last flight. 


The flights home were a similar experience. The food was good and the service was prompt. Our flights on the legs home were during the day so I wasn’t able to sleep. I finished a book and watched a few movies on our individual seat screens. We still received a complimentary toiletry bag that I’ll be saving for a future flight in coach. 


Overall I was impressed with Copa Airlines. I felt that although the Business Class seats were not as luxurious as some other airlines, the price upgrade was not nearly as much and was well worth it. We will be flying Copa again, hopefully to Argentina or Peru. 




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