Jolly Roger Pirate Show & Dinner Cruise

September 20, 2018


 If you’re traveling to the Cancun, Riviera Maya area of Mexico with kids I highly recommend spending a later afternoon and evening on the Jolly Roger. The experience begins when you check in to the harbor and you are assigned your own “personal pirate”. This individual will help you with drinks, finding your seats for dinner and the show, clarifying any questions you may have, and he/she also performs in the show.  Some of the personal pirates stay in character for the entire experience, which is highly entertaining. 


We booked our excursion through the hotel so we were able to take a bus from our resort to the port. There were a few other families on our bus from a variety of resorts along Riviera Maya. 

When you get on the boat your group is seated on the main deck where the show takes place. Your personal pirate will get you drinks (unlimited for kids and adults, including alcoholic beverages) and the pirate crew introduces themselves and starts the show. The show itself involves jokes, singing, dancing, and loose plotline about finding a Golden Fleece to break a curse that is turning the captain’s face into a sea creature. All of the actors and personal pirates are bilingual in Spanish and English and the show is presented in both languages. There was one group on our boat that spoke only Portuguese so they had a little trouble with ordering drinks but were able to struggle through it with hand gestures and a little span/gli/use (broken Spanish, English, and Portuguese). 

Departure: The boat leaves from Playa Linda Pier, which is located near the Cancun theater. If you’re staying in Cancun, it may be more cost effective to get a taxi, or walk, to the pier instead of booking through your resort.


Dinner: The dinner was surprisingly good. We had steak and the kids had chicken and French fries. There were vegetables, bread, and rice to also choose from. You can upgrade to a lobster dinner if you want. Overall, I was very impressed with the food on the dinner cruise. 

Booking: You can book the excursion through your resort or online through the company itself. You may also be able to negotiate the excursion through your resort if you attend a timeshare presentation. It is not an inexpensive trip, but excursions usually aren’t cheap. 


Overall, I highly recommend this excursion if you are staying anywhere near Cancun with your kids. It’s entertaining and a lot of fun.



Booking Link: Here


Video review of our resort at Riviera Maya: Link




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